Adopt A Sea Turtle Nest

Welcome to the 2023-2024 Nesting Season!

The Sea Turtle Conservation & Women Empowerment program is located on the Pacific coast in the village of Las Penitas. This female-led program is helping to protect and conserve vital endangered sea turtles, while also advancing the education and training of local women and youth who are learning how to care for the sea turtles, participate in scientific research, and run an eco-tourism business. Our mission is twofold: to protect what we love and bring about a positive impact for the community.

Adopt a nest today (or give it as a gift or honor the memory of a loved one) and we will email a special Certificate of Adoption, photo of the nest, a sea turtle guide, and when possible, video of the hatchlings and their release back into the sea and more!

Or, just make a donation of your choice to help us continue to protect these baby sea turtles and get to our next goal of 200,000 protected eggs!

$150 for 1 nest
$250 for 2 nests
$350 for 3 nests
$450 for 4 nests